Wednesday, August 28, 2013

ACEO Flower No. 21 and experimenting on another way of rendering a drawing ...



ACEO Flower No. 21: Rose No. 16
(click image to see a large version)

Graphite and charcoal pencil on Canson Grain paper
Approximately 3.5 x 2.5 inches (9 x 6 cm)

US$15 - plus US$1 shipping via the post office

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Life is so busy, but I have nothing to complain as life itself a wonderful gift from our Father in heaven. Anyway, I have grabbed some time to post something and update my blog to somehow make up for the time of posting inactivity. During that time, I managed to produce several ACEO flower drawings which I will share, God willing, in succeeding posts in the following days. You can see one now.

I also used the time to do some experimenting on various ways of rendering a small flower drawing like this one. I found a way that I really liked. Securing a Canson Grain paper on a drawing board with non-stick tape, I lightly apply several layers of graphite or charcoal powder to the entire surface like those on tinted papers with a round, loose brush. It doesn't have to be totally evenly distributed as it will be covered with varying tones later on in the rendering process. Most of the time I use this technique, I even skipped the basic outline of the subject altogether and instead go directly in the laying of the tones of the petals. I wouldn't recommend this technique or on my own in drawing portraits or anything symmetrical. Drawing portraits must be carefully executed, that is the outlines must be accurate otherwise it may not look anything like a person's facial features.

Then with a kneaded eraser pinched to a sharp point or edge, I carve out the contours of the petals and the entire flower. Tapping the eraser on portions of the paper lightly creates mid tones out of the powder tinted paper and a little harder produces highlights. It works like drawing on a scratchboard only you don't need to scratch.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

ACEO Flower No. 20

ACEO Flower No. 20: Rose No. 15
(click image to see a large version)

Graphite pencil on Canson Grain paper
Approximately 3.5 x 2.5 inches (9 x 6 cm)
US$15 - plus US$1 shipping via the post office
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Continuing with the series of ACEO flower drawings, here's the 20th addition to the collection of miniature drawings. Lately, I have started using charcoal for these tiny drawings and even combining graphite and charcoal in some instances. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Book feature

Some of you probably heard of Quarto Group. They make high-quality instructions and resource books on a wide variety of subjects. About a year ago, I was approached by someone from their staff about contributing samples of my drawings for an art book they were working on. Last November, I was notified that my works were included and that I will receive a complimentary copy. I'm really excited when I finally found the book in the mail!

They had included three of the drawings I submitted. Here's a couple of pictures I took when it arrived!

Sunlit Rose

The rose was done last year, just in time to be submitted... to be considered for inclusion in the book.

Bottle Ensemble and Cup o' Rose

Both drawings were done in 2010, but I included them in my submission as I really like their compositions. I'll be back to posting ACEO flower drawings in a few days, I hope you'll stay tuned for them!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Greetings from the country and a new ACEO...

ACEO Flower No. 19: Rose No. 14
(click image to see a larger version) 
Graphite pencil on Canson Grain paper
About 2.5 x 3.5 inches (about 6 x 9 cm)
US$15 - plus US$1 shipping through Registered Airmail  

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First of all, I'd like to greet all of you from our place here in the country. I'm writing this post not from our home in the city, as my family and I moved to the province to see if it will be better for my father, who some of you know, suffered a stroke last year. We will be here for quite some time where I will continue, God willing, to draw in my spare time.

This is my first post out in the province.... far from the boundaries of the metropolis. It's a new ACEO that I finished while we're still in the city. I only got to post it now as I was working on more of these small flower drawings, which I will post in the coming days. I hope you will stay tuned for them!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Full House

Full House
Graphite pencil on Canson Grain paper
7 x 5 inches (about 18 x 13 cm)
US$45 - plus US$10 shipping  

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Thought I'd post some drawings I did about three years ago when I began to think seriously of becoming an artist. This one was done during the time I drew from life - that's roughly about a month in which I spent just practicing freehand drawing. For the first two days, I even completed a drawing each day... until this, the third which took me about two to three days.

Initially, I had set a goal for myself to finish one a day, but I realized that the pressure of completing a drawing each day would make it quite difficult to produce some decent drawings.

But on the whole, the exercise has helped a lot and especially in the way I observe my subjects, that eventually contributes to realistic drawings  (I love the depiction of subjects in the realist style).

You might know that I was inspired by painter Duane Keiser's painting a day movement... even thought I didn't really live up to it. But I thank God I came across it as it opened up an avenue for me to improve how I draw.

The best full house in a game of poker is two kings and three aces... but if your avoiding the picture cards like I do, the next best thing is two tens and three aces!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Perched Warbler

Perched Warbler
Graphite on Canson Grain paper
8 x 10"

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Although this one is not in any way part of James Parker's challenge, I had a lot of fun drawing birds that I decided to do another one. This is based on a lovely photograph by Dave Slaughter of WetCanvas. I really love how it turned out!

Here are the three bird portraits I've drawn and posted on the blog - I might say I enjoyed working on them and would want to do more bird or wildlife portraits. Happy drawing and have a great week, everyone!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Salaveya Finished


Graphite and Charcoal on Canson Grain

I haven't been posting "more" regularly... that is weeks would go by without putting up anything new. It is still quite hectic around here as we all have been juggling several things at once, like cleaning up our house which we had badly neglected since my dad had the stroke last year. But speaking for myself, I really miss doing still life works that I'm spending some time thinking up and sketching some good compositions. 

Anyway, this has been a fun-filled progress for me and I just love how it turned out! Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Salaveya Stage 3

This is the third stage of the portrait of my friend, Salaveya.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Salaveya Stage 2

It's been weeks since I last posted. Have been quite busy (consecutive doctor's appointment among other things). Anyway, here's stage 2 where I have already put in tones on the neck; started rendering the hair and background with graphite and crossed over to lay charcoal on the sweater. Still more work to be done!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Graphite and charcoal on Canson grain paper/8x10" 

I'm taking a break from posting wildlife drawings for awhile. Instead, here is a work in progress portrait of a friend of mine.